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The World Fails to Meet Environmental Targets Once Again: Is Our Planet Doomed?

A month before the heads of state and governments convened at the first UN Biodiversity Summit, a report revealed that the world had again fallen short of fulfilling environmental promises made a decade ago. As nature’s fate continues to darken, world leaders scramble to deepen their commitment to preserving biodiversity.

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Appetite for Destruction: China’s Fishing Problem in Latin American Waters

Latin American waters have fallen prey to China’s economic pandering, particularly Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. China’s fishing exploitation is heedless towards ecologically sensitive waters, especially the Galapagos Islands, revered for its unique flora and fauna. In one month, 300 fishing vessels have spent a total of 73,000 hours fishing off of the Galapagos coasts.

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Mecca of Biodiversity: Brazil and COVID19

We’ve all seen the media coverage of “nature healing” while the world has essentially been put on pause during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve had wildlife return to human-dominated landscapes that they once abandoned. We’ve witnessed, for the first time in decades, the disappearance of smog in big cities. Generally speaking, the sudden lack of human […]