Meet Us: Connor Bryant

Connor Bryant

Connor Bryant is pursuing a degree in Political Science with a concentration in Global Politics and Security at Kansas State University, where he is also minoring in History. Connor spent more than four years in global affairs journalism before deciding to return to university to finish his degree. Wanting to pursue something more analytical, Connor found an internship at Gulf State Analytics, a geopolitical risk firm that specializes in the Gulf Cooperation Council. He then joined London Politica, a British political risk firm, where he serves as a Research Director. Additionally, Connor serves as the International Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Modern Treatise and is affiliated with the CRTG Working Group and European Horizons. Connor intends on pursuing a PhD in Security Studies and working at either a university or think tank while also continuing his career in letters and political risk. 


Kansas State University, B.S., Political Science, concentration in Global Politics and Security, minor in History, 2022

  • Senior Editor
    January 2022 – Present