Meet Us: Ethan Knoll

Ethan Knoll

Ethan Knoll is an honors student at Saddleback College majoring in Global Studies and Political Science. Graduating in 2021, he has focused his academic career around government and security. Applying this knowledge he has served as a Youth Policy Advisor and Counselor to a Congresswoman, advocating for innovative foreign policy changes in the United States. Knoll has additionally worked for a California State Senator, served executive roles in Orange County community organizations, and has been nationally awarded for his policy writing. As a result of both his academic and professional experience, he approaches world affairs with an insightful and dynamic perspective. With this in mind, Knoll views global issues optimistically, with solutions always being achievable. He intends to use this view to foster security and stability throughout the globe, working towards a more harmonious world.


Saddleback College, Dual A.A.T. in Global Studies and Political Science, 2021

  • Staff Editor
    August 2021 – Present