Meet Us: Vanessa Mendivil

Vanessa Mendivil

Vanessa Mendivil studies Political Science with a concentration in Political Theory at the University of California, Los Angeles, class of 2022. Writing with JWA, her focus lies on the geopolitical developments in Latin America, analyzing the region’s distinct internal affairs proliferating the corrupt regime tendencies that undermine human rights. Over the years, Vanessa has had the opportunity to research with UCLA’s Lawyers Without Borders student division as well as UCLA’s Center for American Politics and Public Policy in which she studied the detriments of political polarization in U.S. climate politics. She has additionally worked as a student assistant at the UCLA School of Law throughout her undergraduate years. Her experience has allowed her natural inclination to confront the truth through analysis blossom; both a challenge and passion she seeks to continue in the legal field. 


University of California, Los Angeles, B.A. in Political Science, 2022

  • Campus Representative
    September 2021 – Present

  • Senior Editor
    January 2021 – Present

  • Staff Writer
    September 2020 – December 2020