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Diversification of Lebanon’s Economy is the Path Toward Rebuilding the Country’s Broken Financial System

Lebanon’s precarious financial situation is no surprise to those that have paid attention to the government’s ineptitude, corruption, and constant sectarian strife for the last thirty years—but it was not inevitable.

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Cracks in Lebanon’s Marital Laws Only Touch the Surface of the Country’s Rape Subculture

Across generations and within every major civil rights movement, Lebanese women have stood at the forefront of protests. They lead revolution, hope for change, and new beginnings. And yet, Lebanon gives nothing in return to its most loyal soldiers.

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Putting Beirut Back Together Again

On August 4th, at approximately 6:09 PM, Beirut, a treasured city in the Middle East, was ripped apart by a pair of explosions at the city’s port. Since then, young Lebanese citizens have been risking their lives to help put their country back together again, but many have also wondered if all their work and fervent hope is futile. The question on everyone’s mind is: can Lebanon ever be whole again?