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Relinquishing the Third Largest Nuclear Arsenal in the World: What Ukraine Teaches about Nuclear Proliferation

After the dismantlement of the Soviet Union in 1991, the newly-formed state of Ukraine was “born nuclear” by inheriting about 4,000 of Moscow’s nuclear weapons, granting it the third largest arsenal in the world. Yet, in 1994, Ukraine committed to full disarmament.

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Could a Global Pandemic Pave the Way for an Iranian Retaliation?

Recent events have given reason to believe that this battle is far from over. With America’s attention on the coronavirus and the weakening of Iran’s regional enemies due to the pandemic, could this prove to be the perfect scenario for an Iranian retaliation?

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The Story of Hope, Youth, and Genocide in East Timor

This article was originally published on our friend, the Generation. “…We had no sense that they were in imminent danger. After all, we reasoned, what place could be safer than a bishop’s house in a predominantly Catholic country?”1 These were the thoughts of UCLA’s own Geoffrey Robinson on September 5, 1999 when he served for the […]

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Is Xi’s Coronavirus Gorbachev’s Chernobyl?

On December 31st, the government in Wuhan confirmed they had been treating dozens of cases of an unknown virus. By January 20th, other cases of this pathogen appeared in the United States, South Korea, and Thailand. A full seventy-two hours later, President Xi Jinping closed off Wuhan when 570 more cases had been confirmed.