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America Still Lags Behind on Racial Justice

The United States ranks 69 in the world for racial equality. This jarring statistic challenges the widespread notion that America is the place of radical liberty and equality, allowing for a more contextual consideration of the ongoing racist trends throughout the state.

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Combating Chinese Aggression in the Indo-Pacific Requires a More Targeted Response from America and its Allies

Washington’s reliance on economic sanctions has garnered minimal benefits, which has prompted the Biden Administration to move away from coercive measures and instead engage diplomatically through AUKUS.

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After Decades of State-Sponsored Human Rights Violations, WHINSEC Must Be Shut Down

Through the School of the Americas, now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), the United States has actively trained Latin American military personnel in torture tactics.

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Superpower Diplomacy: Offensive Realism and the Thucydides Trap Theory on Potential Future Strife between China and the U.S.

The proposition of the Thucydides Trap is that the chances of war increase when a state comes closer to becoming the new hegemon. China and the U.S., when evaluated as offensive realist powers that prioritize power as a precursor to national security, are moving towards the dangerous prospect of a military conflict. 

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How China Uses “Promise Diplomacy” to Get What It Wants 

The Chinese government is showing particular interest in Afghanistan and Syria, two states in which China sees ample opportunities and dire economic needs that it can exploit.

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The U.S. needs Southeast Asia to be Independent from China

China not only accounts for a sizable portion of ASEAN countries’ imports and exports, but it also has a strong military presence in the South China Sea and has shown an impressive commitment to face-to-face diplomacy throughout the ongoing pandemic.

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The Folly of an “A.I. Arms Race” Framework for U.S.-China Relations and Cybersecurity Concerns

A new, highly automated future is approaching fast and an “arms race” framework will fuel instability without learning from past experiences.

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Grand Strategy in the Age of Hubris

Why America Needs a New Approach to Grand Strategy

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American Unicorns Should Bring Their Magic to Europe

Americans chase “unicorns,” or start-up companies with a valuation of over $1B USD bringing the magic to America’s economy.

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Another Contender Enters the Arena: Europe’s Plan For the Indo-Pacific

In recent years, European countries have made an increased effort to reestablish a strong presence in the Indo-Pacific, home to half of the world’s population and some of the fastest growing economies.