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Superpower Diplomacy: Offensive Realism and the Thucydides Trap Theory on Potential Future Strife between China and the U.S.

The proposition of the Thucydides Trap is that the chances of war increase when a state comes closer to becoming the new hegemon. China and the U.S., when evaluated as offensive realist powers that prioritize power as a precursor to national security, are moving towards the dangerous prospect of a military conflict. 

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Voter ID Laws: The Motivation and Impacts on African Americans

Do strict photo ID laws have a disproportionate negative impact on the voter turnout of  African Americans? Considering the nonexistence of voter fraud, the patterns of voter ID  legislation, and the public remarks on voter ID laws, this paper showcases how voter ID laws are  nothing more than partisan motivated tactics of targeted voter suppression.

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The Impact of Elections on FDI in East Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions suffer from a lack of foreign direct investment. This paper analyzes how democracy and certainty factors in elections impact FDI inflows in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda from 1971-2015.

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Reassessing Why States Build or Forgo Nuclear Weapons

Combining Leading Nuclear and International Relations Theories under a Three-Pronged Model Explaining Nuclear Proliferation