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The UN Must Help End The Tigray Conflict

After ending the 20 year-long stalemate with Eritrea, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed now oversees one of Ethiopia’s most brutal civil wars—this time in the Tigray region. 

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Is the African Union Another Puppet Institution for China and the West?

The AU has made great strides towards its purpose, but lack of real political power and alarming dependency on foreign powers may well result in its own demise. 

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The Impact of Elections on FDI in East Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions suffer from a lack of foreign direct investment. This paper analyzes how democracy and certainty factors in elections impact FDI inflows in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda from 1971-2015.

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Addressing China’s and France’s Encroachment in Africa Requires a New Perspective on Neocolonialism

Countries have yet to escape the grasps of their former colonizers as new foreign powers flock to the continent to install their own systems of extortion, in particular France and China.

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Demography is Destiny: Democracy in Africa 60 Years in the Making

The imbalance between how much democracy young Africans want and how much they have is altering political dynamics. Almost 60% of Africa’s population were born in the 21st century, detached from the ideological motives that ground the repressive & corrupt nature of the old guard.

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The Crime of Poverty: Saudi and Yemeni Government Sins Against Ethiopian Migrants

As anyone can imagine, migrants caught in-between what is essentially a failed state and a region as fractured as the Middle East is a recipe for tragedy.

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Resource Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa Raises Questions of Ignoring a Growing Threat to Global Security

Despite not meeting mainstream headlines, the most deadly conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa are often linked back to struggles over resources. The United Nations Environment Programme stated that 40% of all intrastate conflicts are linked to resource disputes.

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Prepared for the Worst: The Surprising Sparsity of COVID-19 in Africa

While coronavirus has swept across the globe leaving devastating impacts, Africa has survived surprisingly well, having just hit 1.3 million confirmed cases and about 33,231 deaths. Healthcare experts and policymakers alike feared the worst for this continent, making these results especially puzzling.

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Today’s China: How Rwanda is Leading the Path Towards Unprecedented Development

The country remains poor, but Kagame’s government is now something exceptional in Africa – a place to invest.

Rwanda was experiencing an economic boom prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Growth exceeded 10% in 2019, driven mostly by large public investments for implementation of the National Strategy of Transformation. Notably, in 2019, Rwanda recorded a record total investment level of 2.46 billion USD, 37% of which were foreign direct investments.

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Blood Diamonds: The Dazzling Dilemma in the DRC

Embedded within engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets around the world, diamonds symbolize a $81.4 billion-a-year industry juxtaposing Afican mines containing 65% of the world’s diamonds, and elegant jewelry retail salerooms. Rooted within these jewels, however, are political strife and human rights violations surrounding the process of their manufacture in Angola, Sierra Leone, and most prevalently the Democratic Republic of […]