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Care not Cops, Rights not Rescue

The problem of legal support and mutual aid for sex workers has been a topic of increasing importance as sex workers are speaking out against violence committed by customers, managers, and the police.

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The Road to the Right: Mapping Religious Factors in the Party Realignment of the 1970s Through the Lense of Abortion

The election of 1980 was the culmination of a religious political movement that had been growing since Nixon’s ‘Catholic Strategy’, with Reagan claiming during his campaign that “Religious America is awakening.”

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Biological Black Market: The Disastrous Side Effects of Stem Cell Tourism

Stem cells are the body’s means of regeneration, and they naturally exist within many organs. They can be artificially derived from adult tissues (i.e. bone marrow) but also from embryos that are unused in in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Because many diseases are the result of cell death or improper cell programming, the use of stem cells as a tool to create healthy cells within the body has limitless possibilities.

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Prepared for the Worst: The Surprising Sparsity of COVID-19 in Africa

While coronavirus has swept across the globe leaving devastating impacts, Africa has survived surprisingly well, having just hit 1.3 million confirmed cases and about 33,231 deaths. Healthcare experts and policymakers alike feared the worst for this continent, making these results especially puzzling.

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Palestinian Healthcare During COVID19 and Issues of International Intervention

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the weaknesses of government institutions around the world, especially in Palestine. Hardship is nothing new to Palestinians living under occupation, but COVID-19 has presented new challenges that exposed the vulnerability of their healthcare system.