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The Trials of Pakistan’s New Security Approach

Pakistan’s political stalemate is built upon months of internal security threats and scrutiny from the international community over Prime Minister Khan’s courtship with Russia and his endorsement of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

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Pakistan’s Sectarian Crisis: It Begins and Ends with the State

In Pakistan, sectarianism and religious extremism not only run rampant, they are ingrained in social reality.

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Laïcité and Islam: The French Paradox

Laïcité, or, secularism, has come to represent the cornerstone of a national identity based on French values. For the past century, French politics have made a virtue of secularism by largely banning institutionalized religion from the public sphere. 

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Religion and Secularism: an American Experience

And while it is difficult to deny that religion is almost always at the forefront in the history of humankind, that does not discount its particularly powerful role in certain moments in time and in certain locations. Ironically, religion in the United States has been a particularly powerful tool in the development of a secular state and culture.

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From Abolitionists to Supporters: a Historical Evaluation of the Relationship between Southern Baptists and Slavery

During the earliest period of their history in America, Southern Baptists questioned the morals of slavery, but over time they became a denomination that largely ignored or even supported it. Why did this change occur?

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The Road to the Right: Mapping Religious Factors in the Party Realignment of the 1970s Through the Lense of Abortion

The election of 1980 was the culmination of a religious political movement that had been growing since Nixon’s ‘Catholic Strategy’, with Reagan claiming during his campaign that “Religious America is awakening.”

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Turkey vs France: A Battle of Geopolitics Veiled Under the Gauze of Islam

The international community, however, sees this reproval of Macron as an attempt by Turkey to assert itself as a regional hegemon while using the veil of Islamophobia to gain public support. This assertion has been furthered by Turkey’s continued involvement in the conflicts of Libya, Yemen, and Armenia.

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The Influx of Islamophobia in American Culture and Politics in the Post 9/11 Era

On the anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks, Americans remember the 2,977 innocent lives lost and the countless first responders who worked tirelessly on ground zero. It has been nineteen years, and the consequences of that fateful day remain ingrained in American society.