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Care not Cops, Rights not Rescue

The problem of legal support and mutual aid for sex workers has been a topic of increasing importance as sex workers are speaking out against violence committed by customers, managers, and the police.

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Chilean Year de la Gente

Known as the most violent dictator in South American history, Pinochet’s military orders were responsible for the deaths of more than three thousand Chileans (many of whom were college students), the disappearance of eleven hundred people, and sending over two hundred thousand Chileans into exile (2% of the Chilean population at the time).

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Lukashenko’s Belarus: The Final Throes of Europe’s Last Totalitarian State

On August 9, 2020, Alexander Lukashenko’s seventh presidential victory was announced to the people of Belarus. The news sparked outrage and protests erupted throughout the country’s capital of Minsk with hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooding the streets claiming that the reelection of the Belarusian dictator was “neither free nor fair.”