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Do the Abraham Accords Spell Peace for the Middle East?

In 1967, the Arab League committed to “three no’s”—no peace with, no recognition of, and no negotiations with Israel. Over this time period, Israel’s troops began to gradually occupy Palestinian territory, and the people of both countries have continued to suffer.

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Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’ for the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict is Alienating the Palestinian People

On January 28th 2020, President Trump presented his “Peace To Prosperity Plan” which he hoped would provide a solution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Trump claimed that his vision would help facilitate a two-state solution where both parties practice their own sovereignty under equal civil rights.

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Palestinian Healthcare During COVID19 and Issues of International Intervention

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the weaknesses of government institutions around the world, especially in Palestine. Hardship is nothing new to Palestinians living under occupation, but COVID-19 has presented new challenges that exposed the vulnerability of their healthcare system.