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The U.S. and Japan Should Cooperate on Climate and Energy in the Middle East

A joint investment plan could jumpstart regional economic diversification, the lack of which is a problem in most countries in the Middle East. As a result, these countries’ economic prosperity is almost entirely reliant on the market for one or a few products, most notably oil.

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The Failure of the Afghan State Is Symptomatic of the Broader American Middle East Strategy

American strategy towards the Middle East is characterized by an overemphasis on military aid, rather than a long-term developmental strategy to safeguard American interests.

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U.S.-Russia Relations Crumbled in the Gulf War’s Afterlife

Their unprecedented cooperation in the Gulf War gave the world a reason to believe that a partnership between Moscow and Washington could one day become a reality.

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The World Unveils the Uighur Genocide, Why Now?

More surprisingly, many Muslim-majority countries, including 14 countries on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, have not ignored but rather come out in support of China’s actions.

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Do the Abraham Accords Spell Peace for the Middle East?

In 1967, the Arab League committed to “three no’s”—no peace with, no recognition of, and no negotiations with Israel. Over this time period, Israel’s troops began to gradually occupy Palestinian territory, and the people of both countries have continued to suffer.