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JWA Debates Whether Saudi Arabia is America’s Asset or Liability

Is Saudi Arabia America’s asset or liability? Ranhita Bora and Tatiana Zinn take on Zachary Durkee in JWA’s first debate series. We hope to challenge preexisting ideas and foster a better understanding of America’s strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia by encouraging an openness and a willingness to listen to opposing viewpoints and think critically about the nature of strategic relations.

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Qalaq fi Al-Khaleej: Political Bankruptcy in a Post-Hydrocarbon Gulf

The GCC member states’ pocketbooks may be safe, but its governmental trajectory is headed for a tempestuous political bankruptcy.

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The Crime of Poverty: Saudi and Yemeni Government Sins Against Ethiopian Migrants

As anyone can imagine, migrants caught in-between what is essentially a failed state and a region as fractured as the Middle East is a recipe for tragedy.