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JWA Debates Whether Saudi Arabia is America’s Asset or Liability

Is Saudi Arabia America’s asset or liability? Ranhita Bora and Tatiana Zinn take on Zachary Durkee in JWA’s first debate series. We hope to challenge preexisting ideas and foster a better understanding of America’s strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia by encouraging an openness and a willingness to listen to opposing viewpoints and think critically about the nature of strategic relations.

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Relinquishing the Third Largest Nuclear Arsenal in the World: What Ukraine Teaches about Nuclear Proliferation

After the dismantlement of the Soviet Union in 1991, the newly-formed state of Ukraine was “born nuclear” by inheriting about 4,000 of Moscow’s nuclear weapons, granting it the third largest arsenal in the world. Yet, in 1994, Ukraine committed to full disarmament.

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Urbanization: Africa’s Double-Edged Sword in the 21st Century

Whether it be for better or for worse, the remainder of the 21st century offers much promise to humanity. The disruption of norms will be one of the central themes characterizing the next eight decades.