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Quo vadis, America?

However, with the high probability of a divided Congress in the next years, a continuation of this traditional divide over the role of the state will only make voters and lawmakers drift further apart and sabotage any concrete policies proposed by the future Biden Administration.

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Today’s China: How Rwanda is Leading the Path Towards Unprecedented Development

The country remains poor, but Kagame’s government is now something exceptional in Africa – a place to invest.

Rwanda was experiencing an economic boom prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Growth exceeded 10% in 2019, driven mostly by large public investments for implementation of the National Strategy of Transformation. Notably, in 2019, Rwanda recorded a record total investment level of 2.46 billion USD, 37% of which were foreign direct investments.

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A Discussion with Dr. Fiona Hill on the Role Social Media Plays in Russian Meddling in U.S. Democracy

Disinformation is something we will have to accept and grapple with for some time. “We will have to be creative in how we handle it for the foreseeable future because what is a strength is also often a vulnerability,” Dr. Hill says

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The Pentagon is Concerned With China’s Nuclear Ambitions, I asked SecState Pompeo and Dr. Richard Haass Their Thoughts

Though America’s nuclear arsenal and second strike capabilities are arguably the most powerful in the world, recent actions by China have left Washington worried. The Pentagon’s report on China’s growing military power, which now surpasses the United States in the fields of ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles, is a somber reminder that the world has entered into a second nuclear age.