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India’s Teetering Agricultural Market: a Fight Against Neoliberal Reforms

Contrary to the ambitions of neoliberal policies, a rapid transition towards free markets will not ensure economic efficiency. Instead, India’s government must revise the agricultural reforms to include safeguards against market volatility and protect local producers from exploitation by corporations.

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Modi Ignites the World’s Largest General Strike

These protests lasted weeks and culminated in a night of tear gas, water cannons, and police clashes on November 26th, leading to the world’s largest general strike and a reigniting of India’s most left leaning political organizations

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Can the Dragon and the Elephant Still Dance?

While the Sino-Indian border has long been a subject of competing claims and hostility, the timing of the recent violent altercation suggests ulterior motives. China’s aggressiveness in Asia is undeniable.

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The Tiger and the Dragon: India and China’s Expanding Battleground

Perhaps that tilt towards deeper and broader hostilities has arrived: it is reported that India recently deployed a warship in the highly contested South China Sea – a rare move for the South Asian nation. The decision highlights a widening battleground between India and China beyond their Himilayan border as the United States and regional actors grow increasingly wary of China’s rise.