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Blueprint For Armageddon: The Race For Rare Earths

The 21st century has seen unpredictable changes to the landscape of the battlefield. But one thing never falters: control over supply chains is paramount to sustainability.

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The Cyber-Nuclear Domain: Why the U.S. Needs Cyber Warriors

Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanaghan defined Cybercom’s next challenge as “build[ing] scale and strengthen[ing America’s] arsenal of cyber weapons, cyber shields and cyber warriors.”

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Obama and Trump Have Failed Syria, and now it’s Biden’s Turn to Shift the Trajectory of American-Syrian Relations

The power vacuum in Syria and the influence of rival players urges the U.S. to protect its interests in the region by rebuilding the country’s social infrastructure with very limited violence.

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Is China Using Biological Engineering to Physically Alter Their Soldiers?

A relatively recent concern that is starting to gain more prominence is China’s efforts to modernize its armed forces through the use of bioengineering.

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The Tiger and the Dragon: India and China’s Expanding Battleground

Perhaps that tilt towards deeper and broader hostilities has arrived: it is reported that India recently deployed a warship in the highly contested South China Sea – a rare move for the South Asian nation. The decision highlights a widening battleground between India and China beyond their Himilayan border as the United States and regional actors grow increasingly wary of China’s rise.