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Uskorenie, Perestroika, Glasnost: How and Why Gorbachev Killed the Soviet Union

Gorbachev wanted to create “socialism with a human face.” But in an attempt to save his own country, he was squashed by both his former allies and the new reformers. Uskorenie, perestroika, and glasnost simply pulled away the fragile veil that kept society stifled.

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GM’s Newest EV Signals a Successive Arab Spring

GM created an electric Hummer, the successor of the Humvee, a militaristic behemoth famous for traversing the sand dunes of Kuwait during the Gulf War.

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The Party is Over: Netanyahu Forced to Reckon with US Election Results

Political turmoil erupted in Israel following the win by former Vice President Joseph Biden in the US Presidential Election. Biden will accede President Trump, presumably the closest ally Israel has ever had.

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Qatar Peace Talks a Fateful Rehash of the Past

Peace, according to the Taliban, would only take shape following a full withdrawal of US troops out of the region, release of Taliban prisoners, and establishment of an Islamic Caliphate.