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Appetite for Destruction: China’s Fishing Problem in Latin American Waters

Latin American waters have fallen prey to China’s economic pandering, particularly Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. China’s fishing exploitation is heedless towards ecologically sensitive waters, especially the Galapagos Islands, revered for its unique flora and fauna. In one month, 300 fishing vessels have spent a total of 73,000 hours fishing off of the Galapagos coasts.

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Shelving the Cold War’s Prized Possession?

Despite being called the “number-one threat” and the “single greatest problem [of] the world,” according to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, respectively, on-air time for discussing nuclear weapons culminated in a whopping twelve minutes.

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Can the Dragon and the Elephant Still Dance?

While the Sino-Indian border has long been a subject of competing claims and hostility, the timing of the recent violent altercation suggests ulterior motives. China’s aggressiveness in Asia is undeniable.

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Today’s China: How Rwanda is Leading the Path Towards Unprecedented Development

The country remains poor, but Kagame’s government is now something exceptional in Africa – a place to invest.

Rwanda was experiencing an economic boom prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Growth exceeded 10% in 2019, driven mostly by large public investments for implementation of the National Strategy of Transformation. Notably, in 2019, Rwanda recorded a record total investment level of 2.46 billion USD, 37% of which were foreign direct investments.

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The Pentagon is Concerned With China’s Nuclear Ambitions, I asked SecState Pompeo and Dr. Richard Haass Their Thoughts

Though America’s nuclear arsenal and second strike capabilities are arguably the most powerful in the world, recent actions by China have left Washington worried. The Pentagon’s report on China’s growing military power, which now surpasses the United States in the fields of ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles, is a somber reminder that the world has entered into a second nuclear age.

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The Tiger and the Dragon: India and China’s Expanding Battleground

Perhaps that tilt towards deeper and broader hostilities has arrived: it is reported that India recently deployed a warship in the highly contested South China Sea – a rare move for the South Asian nation. The decision highlights a widening battleground between India and China beyond their Himilayan border as the United States and regional actors grow increasingly wary of China’s rise.

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From the “New Frontier” to the “New Arena” for an Arms Race: What the US, China, and Russia are doing to Prompt the Weaponization of Space

Outer space has been called the “new frontier” since the 1960s, but today is being named the “new arena” for an arms race. With the United States, Russia, and China coming to a head in space weaponry and lacking cooperation on arms control treaties, the destruction of the “new frontier” amidst an arms race is increasingly likely

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The Cloak Over Uyghur Imprisonment in Xinjiang, China

In the last several years, Turkic ethnic groups including the Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Uzbeks have been arrested arbitrarily and placed in “education” centers at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. While most prisoners are not formally convicted or charged with a crime, they share one characteristic in the eyes of the Chinese police: they are perceived to embody the threat of terrorism.

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Is Xi’s Coronavirus Gorbachev’s Chernobyl?

On December 31st, the government in Wuhan confirmed they had been treating dozens of cases of an unknown virus. By January 20th, other cases of this pathogen appeared in the United States, South Korea, and Thailand. A full seventy-two hours later, President Xi Jinping closed off Wuhan when 570 more cases had been confirmed.

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Miles Apart: the Larger Issues Hampering a U.S.-China Trade Deal

Forging a trade deal with China has proved to be a frustrating, fluctuating saga for the Trump administration. It has taken nearly two years for China and the United States to reach a limited “phase one” trade deal, indicating the two remain at a distant divide regarding larger issues