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The SolarWinds Hack is a Wakeup Call: Should the U.S. Retaliate?

The SolarWinds hack, widely believed to be carried out by Russian state actors, is a wakeup call evidencing the weakness in American cybersecurity. Undetected for over half a year, the hack infiltrated networks of multiple government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, triggering a dispute over whether the United States should retaliate to discourage further cyberattacks.

Laïcité and Islam: The French Paradox

Laïcité, or, secularism, has come to represent the cornerstone of a national identity based on French values. For the past century, French politics have made a virtue of secularism by largely banning institutionalized religion from the public sphere. 

Brexit: How Johnson’s New Bill Seeks to Violate International Law and Fractures Peace between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

Brexit, however, put the peace between these nations at jeopardy. This is because Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, but it shares a border with the Republic of Ireland, which is still an EU member state. This led to many concerns that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland would now need to…

Briefing: America’s Defense Posture in Europe is Signaling Greater Changes to Come in Europe’s Security

America is considering a defense pivot in Europe, which President Donald Trump claims to be in accordance to Russian threats and Germany’s failures to meet their NATO financial obligations. In January, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said America will begin this shift by withdrawing about twelve thousand of the thirty-six thousand American troops from Germany.

Lukashenko’s Belarus: The Final Throes of Europe’s Last Totalitarian State

On August 9, 2020, Alexander Lukashenko’s seventh presidential victory was announced to the people of Belarus. The news sparked outrage and protests erupted throughout the country’s capital of Minsk with hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooding the streets claiming that the reelection of the Belarusian dictator was “neither free nor fair.”

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